Miira La Fey

Got you!

Name: Miira La Fey
Gender: Female
Race: Fyrian
Element: Water
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purple
Skills: Jump Scare!
Likes: Horror movies, jokes, ghost stories, special effects
Dislikes: Rich biggots and snotty nobles
Favorite Food: Pumpkin pie
Favorite Color:Purple


Miira is a quirky, prank-loving maid, currently out of work. This isn’t an unusual situation for her, with her tenancy of serving spaghetti and eyeballs, or rigging a full sized skeleton in a closet that reaches out when the door is opened. Whatever you can say about her, you can never say she lacks courage. She will unerringly stand up to anyone, no mater their size or strength, with only her trusty broom and maybe a little fake blood.
First appears on page 37.