Name: Xavier
Nickname: Xav, Maroon
Gender: Male
Race: Un-muse
Element: Fire
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Cerise
Skills: Metallurgy, Jewelry Craft, Smart Assery
Likes: Shiny Things, Kittens, Music, Rings, and Scarves
Dislikes: Greed, Monologuing villains,
Favorite Food: Ginger Snap Cookies, anything with pumpkin
Favorite Color: Maroon and Gold


This flamboyant un-muse met our heroes by saving their hides. He’s sweet, but his motives are not always as shiny and clean as his beloved heart necklace. His fighting style demands he keep his distance, and he uses distraction and wit equally well as his metal manipulating powers. First appears on page 26.