I hate you all.

Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Un-Muse
Element: Wind
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Red
Skills: Wind Cutter, Limited Flight
Likes: Solitude, High places, mountains and hill tops.
Dislikes: Stupidity, closed places
Favorite Food: Chocolate cookies, caramel candy, grapes
Favorite Color: Turquoise and black 


The sarcastic, nameless cohort of Denny, Grumpy (so named for his charming disposition) is the keeper of the Wind of Muse. His memories are completely gone, removed, presumably, by magic. He is an un-muse, and between that and his amnesia, he has all ill temperament and no reason to hide it. Despite his cutting words, he’s proved himself useful and loyal at least to a point. Even he seems unsure why he allows Denny to tag along, but he can’t seem to shake her, or vice versa.
First appears on page 8.