I didn't do it!

Name: Denny
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Element: N/A
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skills: N/A
Likes: Drawing, Adventures, Daydreaming
Dislikes: Miira’s pranks
Favorite Food: Pizza, beer and anything spicy
Favorite Color: Pink


A cheerful young lady of high school age, Denny can be naive and even a bit silly. She sees herself as the brave heroine from a story book or a video game. As a result, she doesn’t always take the very real danger around her as seriously as she should, turning her into a bit of a clown. She’s determined to look on the bright side of everything and see the best in everyone, even those who mean her harm, but her charm and honest kindness tend to see her through.
First appears on page 1.