• About the comic

It all started when she imagined an anvil over her teacher`s head and then the rest followed. Before she knew it, she was pulled in a world of creativity where the humans` inspirations and muses live their own lives though still tied to the reality on earth. FanFyria is the journey of a human as she discovers what is to be a creator in a world of imagination.

Fun Fact: 99.9% of the stories in the world are created when humans imagine things!

  • About the origin of this thing you are following

First off this is the first time I draw manga/comic. Things might look off here and there. I learn as I draw. FanFyria`s been a long project of mine ¬†that more or less did start in real the way it starts in the story. However, in the past I didn`t have the skills or knowledge to pull this story into a manga/comic version and as result it became chaotic, hard to follow and eventually I cancelled it. ¬†Years passed and I was still using the excuse of “not good enough for drawing it!” until I eventually realized I will never be good enough but I have to start from somewhere. I believe it is a good practice and maybe eventually I will become good enough as to sell comics. Who knows! : )

The comic is meant to be followed with FanFyria Journey which is Joey`s point of view before she meets with the main lead. So please make sure you check it as well.

  • About the author

About me? I like beer. That is about all you need to know. Oh, yes the main lead is based on me and the journey is my creative path on which I walked for years. The world is more fun when we imagine things.

If you by some weird chance wish to contact me, just sent me an email at ddp @ mail . bg (minus the space) or leave a message somewhere around the blog. Thank you for the interest! I hope you`ll have a fine rest of the day! : )

P.S. Yes, I`m engrish. Deal with it.