First time at anime convention

And first time such is organized in my home city. It was pretty exciting and I met lots of interesting people. I was a little worried I will drop behind with the comic while preparing for the con but thankfully managed to do the next few pages in time. Sold most of my prints at the con and thinking to invest the money into buying a printer for next year. Don`t get me started on how horrible was the quality of the “professional” print place I used here. Big thanks to Joey who saved me and thanks to her I had something of good quality displayed. Hopefully next year I`ll have FanFyria ready for sale! Hopefully. : )

That was my happy start of the day!
And I was dead tired by the end of it. Thank God I had a buddy come over to help me with everything. Jenx, next time you come I`m so buying you a big big meal. :, )

Comic related info
But yeah, finally it`s over, still a couple of things to finish in the upcoming week and then maybe I can breathe a little easier. Expecting Chapter 4 to end around the start of September. It dragged longer than I expected. I just kept getting ideas for funny little interactions  while trying to deliver the key information and before I knew it I got over 25 pages. ^_^;;
Chapter 5 will be more action packed and Chapter 6 will have more muses, un-muses and such related scenes… if all goes according to plan and I don`t decide to change something as I go (as it usually happens…).

Site/page layout related info
I wanted to remake the layout of the site for a while now but something kept getting on the way. Maybe by September I`ll finally do something about it. That includes updating the oh-so-neglected characters pages and doing a proper art category/section/page somewhere. ^^;

Every time real life knocks on the door and takes my attention for a while it feels like I get behind with everything else online. *shakes fist*

Hope everyone here who reads the comics is doing good!
As always, thank you for reading, thank you for your support and the comments you leave. : )