Excuse our dust!

Hey, guys. I’m sorry the site doesn’t look as lovely as usual, but we’re working on a big surprise. I promise I’m coding as fast as I can to bring it to you, and Denny is drawing so much, her fingers might come off. Soon she’ll be drawing with little nubby stumps.


Characters Page Update!

Characters bios are updated and new ones added! With many, many special thanks to L for helping me out with those.
I`m so sorry it took so long to update those. Perhaps minor spoilers for some characters but nothing too much. Thank you for your patience!

First time at anime convention

And first time such is organized in my home city. It was pretty exciting and I met lots of interesting people. I was a little worried I will drop behind with the comic while preparing for the con but thankfully managed to do the next few pages in time. Sold most of my prints at the con and thinking to invest the money into buying a printer for next year. Don`t get me started on how horrible was the quality of the “professional” print place I used here. Big thanks to Joey who saved me and thanks to her I had something of good quality displayed. Hopefully next year I`ll have FanFyria ready for sale! Hopefully. : )